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Info on next race, Points Comparison Chart for Current year & last Two Years
The Lakeland Terriers of Team Terrier

Driver List

Lists for 2001 through current - see where your favorite is and has been.

Sprint Cup / Nextel Cup / Winston Cup Race Winners 1949 to Current

Chart for each season 1949 to current listing
race name, location and the winner.

Champs & Rookies

Chart of Nextel Cup / Winston Cup Champions and Rookies 1949 to current

All Time Victory List

See how your favorite driver stacks up in the win column
This list show drivers ranked by their number of wins 1949 to current
With columns for the number of wins per year current back to 1991.

Race Results by Track

Complete race results by track. Each race on the schedule has a chart
showing complete results currect back to 1986. The charts have tabs for each
year so you can do a side-by-side comparison of your favorite driver's
performance. If nothing else it's fun to check out the escalating purses!

Race History

How does your favorite driver fare in a particular race? See my
charts for each race on the Nextel Cup / Winston Cup Schedule listing drivers
and their finish 1995 to current.

Points Standing

Drivers listed by points position for each season 1994 through Current
Each year's chart includes final points, number of starts, average finish,
number of wins, top 5's,top 10's, and dollars won.

Includes an explanation of:
How Points are Awarded
How Provisionals are Earned
How the Rookie of the Year Works

Driver Races Finishes

Charts for each Nextel Cup / Winston Cup Season 1996 to Current showing drivers
their finish in each race & average finish for the year.

Bobby Car buttonBobby Labonte Page

Bio, career stats and pictures

Terry Car buttonTerry Labonte Page

Bio, career stats and pictures

Earnhardt buttonDale Earnhardt Memorial Page

Bio, career stats and pictures

Kenny Irwin Memorial Page Page

Bio & Winston Cup career stats

Adam Petty

Pictures, bio & career stats

Desktops Free downloadable full size wallpapers / desktops
Labonte, Earnhardt, Little "E", Kevin Harvick, DJ, Rusty and lots more.

Race Pictures

Pictures from the California Speedway and Phoenix International Raceway

My Trading Card Collection

Pictures of my collection of NASCAR autographed trading cards and Race Used Cards
List of my NASCAR Trading Card sets


Sharon's Memorial

Mike's Cars

Pictures of Mike's cars 1984 to current

Terrier button

Annie's Page

The Lakeland Terrier of Team Terrier - her own page

Annie's Pictures

More pictures of my adorable Lakie

Annie tells you how to eat a GOODIE

Annie tells you step by step how she gets & eats a treat

Annie's Awards

Annie's Pedigree

Terrier button

Easy Tempo's Page

Easy Tempo's Pedigree

Easy Tempo's Awards

ET'S Pictures

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Echo's Page

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Colin's Page

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Vacation Pictures

Sep 2012 Bend, OR
Sep 2011 Astoria and Mount St. Helen
May 2010 Columbia River Gorge
Jul 2009 Crater Lake, OR
Jun 2006 Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park - with Kathy's parents.
May 2005 Washington, DC
Aug 2005 Mooresville, NC - Race Shop Tour
Sep 2004 West Glacier, MT - with Kathy's parents.
May 2003 Newport, Oregon - with Kathy's parents.
Sep 2000 West Glacier, MT

San Simeon, CA Vacation

Pictures from our trips

Oregon Pictures - House and Area Sites

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