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Here are more pictures of ME! Check back from time to time. I make Mom and Dad add pictures often.

Mom while she works on my web page. She's pretty good at it, but I do have to watch her or she goes back to her silly home page which is all NASCAR stuff.

Here I am with a few of my toys. I have to watch them and keep count, if I'm not watching Mom or Dad will throw away the ones I've "broken in". Just because the stuffing is coming out doesn't mean they aren't still fun!

I also like to look out the back window. You can't see it but I'm up on a step my Dad had made for me. When I heard something out back I use to pace back & forth growling - but I couldn't see! So I got a step. When I was younger I'd run up, put my paws on the sill and bark at whoever was out there. The neighbors would all look for me and holler "HI Annie!" I don't go up there much now unless Mom or Dad is there to help. My poor old legs are a little shaky - after all I was 16 on 2/12/01.

Dad - enough with the camera I'm busy working on my page with Mom!

Dad is in charge of taking the pictures and fixing them up for the web pages. Sometimes he gets carried away and really is a pest snapping shots when I'm working. Mom is in charge of text and layout. Of course, I have final approval of everything.

During the week Mom takes me for walks around the block. But come Sunday (sometimes Saturday) we go to the park! The park is really a fun place. There are ducks, birds, cats, and lots of other dogs. I don't "play" well with others - but I like to sniff lots and check out who else has been there. You can see I'm hot on the trail of something!

(These next few pictures are old ones Dad took before he got a digital camera. They aren't as good as the newer pictures. Me & Mom like them anyway.)

Santa brought me toys 'cause I'm such a good girl. Want to play?!

Mom & Dad work all day. They put down papers just in case I haveto "potty". What do they think I am - a puppy! I just wad them up into a comfy nest and lay in them!

Come on - try to get the toy. I'll let you have it. I won't try to take it from you - I promise.

This is my Grandpa. He lives in NJ and I live in CA so I don't get to see him often, but he's fun to wrestle with. See I got him pinned!

I'll hold it's tail and this creature won't be able to escape me!

My owner/handler/breeder, Bill Burns wanted me to live with a nice family in my retirement years. So in July 1989 I went to live with my new Mom & Dad. This is me with the first toy they bought me.

Here I am at the park with Mom.

Annie with AZ Grandma

9 June 2001
This is my Daddy's Mom. That makes her my Grandma. She lives in Phoeniz, Arizona. She came to visit me in California. I didn't really want my picture taken so I'm hiding.

Denium JacketsMy Mom loves her Looney Tune Denim Jacket. She thought it would be "cute" for me to have a denim Jacket also. When Mom put it on me - I WAS NOT IMPRESSED! Lakies don't wear costumes. I simply refused to walk with it on. Just sat down and wouldn't budge. Mom picked me up and Dad took the picture. Then she took off the jacket and I was happy - haven't seen the stupid thing since.

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