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Annie's Page

Goodbye Annie Our darling Annie died 8/29/01 at about 7AM. I had taken her for her morning walk and we were doing fine. We were on the way back and a big trash truck went by blowing it's horn which scared her and she wanted to run. I held her back from running and picked her up for a minute. I put her down and she walked along Ok for just a bit then started staggering a little and fell over in one of her "fits". I picked her up and carried her home. I put her on the couch, petting and talking to her to settle her down. I sat back in the chair to let her rest. I looked over and she was gone.It was all over in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes so she didn't suffer.

She was a wonderful girl and we'll miss her very much.

Annie will always be The Terrier of Team Terrier! Her page written in "1st person Terrier" will remain.

Sulk by the door Hi - I'm Ch St. Roques Annie Royale. Now that I'm retired everyone just calls me Annie. I'm the terrier of Team Terrier - that's my Mom & Dad's home page. It's me on their logo banner! Since I'm so important they gave me my own page.

On the home page they told you how I love to watch out the front door. So that is the subject of this page! The first picture on the left shows what happens when the door is closed. I'll sit and look at Mom & Dad then go look at the door. I'll pace back and forth doing this for a while, before I give up and flop on the floor by the door in a snit. Most of the time I can eventually guilt them into opening the door.

Open Door When the door is open - I sit there watching the world go by. I'll spend hours just waiting for someone to dare to walk by on MY sidewalk! Kids, adults, cats, dogs - all are fair game.

When I see someone, I show them what a vicious guard dog I am. I pace back and forth growling and barking to "scare" them off. Mom had to put the baby gate in the door to keep me from jumping against the screen door and tearing it.

After a hard day of guarding my Mom and Dad from the perils of the outside world, I'm a tired little puppy. After all I'm 16 years old!

But it's just to hard to abandon my post. After all, I might miss something really interesting. So I just plop down on the little bed Mom puts down for me and have a nap. That way if someone does try to sneak by, I'm right there to let them know I'm still on duty!

angel Annie

Annie is on duty
Guarding us from heaven

Anie's Urn You can check out Mom & Dad's HOME Page if ya want. It's all NASCAR Winston Cup stuff at the top. Mom loves racing - I hate it. Mom is so noisy. She yells at the TV like the drivers can hear her. I guess she's a little crazy. But the bottom tells about me ant E.T. Or go to Annie's Family Tree. There are many wonderful dogs in my pedigree. Maybe you'll recognize some of my family members. I also have a page with more pictures. Click on the "More Pics" button at the top.

A distant relative of my is now living with my Mom & Dad. I didn't want them to be lonesome without me. Her name is Easy Tempo. She goes by E.T. and she has a webpage to. Check it out at E.T.

Check out How to Eat a Goodie - by Annie

This page debuted July 2000

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