Miscellaneous Pictures

Team Terrier

These are some miscellaneous Oregon pictures. I'll add more occasionally .

Look at how strangely this tree has grown! This is at Yaquina Head Quarry Cove.
Looking across the bay to Cape Arago Lighthouse.

Cape Arago is near Coos Bay, Oregon.

One of the coves in Cape Arago State Park
Looking down into south cove at Cape Arago.
Octopus Tree at Cape Mears
Don't these look like something straight out of the Disney Fantasia movie? There should be Fairies dancing underneath!
Taken 11/10/08
They come up in the shape of a ball, grow into a cone then flatten out
The recent storms, full moon and high tides make for some spectacular waves crashing on the rocks.
Taken at Cape Perpetua 11/15/08
The big waves leave a lot of spray in the air that looks like a light fog.
Some people went down on the rocks for a closer look - we stayed safely on the bluff!
The "Spouting Horn" was shooting high into the air. And the sky had a yellow tint from the California fires.
The man down on the rocks give you an idea just how high the waves hit!
12/15/08 at 7:45 AM - we awoke this morning to a dusting of snow!
You can see snow on Cape Perpetua where areas have been clear cut.
It's not a lot of snow - but it looks pretty.
Sky looks pretty dark. There is a 30% chance of more snow today. The sky looks like it's thinking about it!

February 20, 2010 - It's amazing the changes to "our beach" after the winter storms. There is usually a little driftwood on the beach, but the storms deposited a LOT more.

The storms also moved a LOT of sand. Really cut into the dunes exposing logs that had previously been buried under tons of sand.

Me & Echo thought this was a really cool piece of driftwood. Would make an awesome glass top coffee table.

March 13, 2010 - the internet is so awesome. We wanted something new to do today so I did a google search and found Oregon waterfalls which listed falls by region. Found this one less than 15 miles from our house. Check out the directions - we can see the Alsea River Bridge from our house.

1. 1/4 mile past the Alsea River Bridge at the north end of Waldport turn east onto N. Bayview Road (aka 702)
2. In six miles (four paved) keep right at a fork in the road
(short distance past the fork there is a "Private Road" sign - apparently for Bayview Road - goal is May Road)
3. In another 0.6 miles turn right onto N. May Road
4. After 1.2 miles you will reach a wide spot on the left - park here
5. Down and to the left is a road converted into a hiking trail with a guardrail across it
6. In a 1/4 mile you will reach another wide spot with a trail sign leading to the right
7. Just follow the sound of the falls

It's a really nice hike through the woods. We saw lots of elk footprints - but didn't see the elk.

January 24, 2014 - while many of my friends and family are shivering and shoveling snow, here it was 67 degreen, bright and sunny. We took a walk on the 804 Trail in Yachats, Orgeon.

It was a little breezy - but just needed a sweatshirt

Michael & Echo climbing around on the rocks

I Don't know how these rock cairns stay up, but you see them often along the 804 Trail.

The spindrift off the waves was pretty cool

You can't see very well in the picture but sometimes there were rainbows in the spindrift.

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