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NASCAR Winston Cup Driver/Sponsor List for 2001

I'll leave this list here in case you want to know where your favorites were.

New drivers/sponsors are highlighted in yellow. I've entered as many links to driver and team websites as I could find. If you find any broken links, or know any that are missing, let me know! My email address is at the bottom of the page. Please keep in mind this site is in no way associated with NASCAR and the information isn't guaranteed to be accurate.
Once the green flag drops on the Daytona 500 new "mid-season / silly season" changes will be highlighted in blue

We all know that Dale Earnhardt died in a last lap crash at the Daytona 500. I've highlighted his name in red to mean the red flag has flown on Dale's life. I'm not trying to be cute. I just thought that was a way to pay tribute to him.

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Driver # Sponsor Model Team/Owner
Parks, Steve Race 1-24 Injured 1 Pennzoil Chevy DEI
Wallace, Kenny #25-while Steve Injured 1 Pennzoil Chevy DEI
Wallace, Rusty 2 Miller Lite Ford Penske Racing
Earnhardt, Dale 3 GM Goodwrench Chevy Richard Childress
Gordon, RobbyRaces 1 to 5 4 Kodak Max Film Chevy Morgan McCllure Racing
Lepage, Kevin-Race 6-29 4 Kodak Max Film Chevy Morgan McCllure Racing
Hamilton Jr, Bobby-Race 30 4 Kodak Max Film Chevy
Labonte, Terry 5 Kellogg Chevy Hendrick Motorsports
Martin, Mark 6 Pfizer/Viagra Ford Roush Racing
Wallace, MikeRace 1-28 7 NationsRent Dodge? Mattai Motorsports
Lapage, Kevin Race 29 7 NationsRent Ford Mattai Motorsports
Earnhardt Jr, Dale 8 Budweiser Chevy DEI/Teresa Earhnardt
Elliot, Bill 9 Dodge Motorsports Dodge Ray Evernham
Bensen,Johnny 10 Vavoline Pontiac Nelson Bowers/Vavoline
Bodine, Brett 11 Ralph's Food 4 Less Ford Brett Bodine Racing
Mayfield, Jeremy Race 1-29 12 Mobil Oil Ford Penske Racing
Wallace, Michael Race 30 12 Mobil Ford Penske Racing
Hornaday Jr, Ron 14 Conseco Pontiac A J Foyt Racing
Waltrip, Michael 15 NAPA Chevy DEI
Kenseth, Matt 17 DeWalt Tools Ford Roush Racing
Labonte, Bobby 18 Interstate Battery Pontiac Joe Gibbs Racing
Atwood, Casy 19 Dodge Motorsports Dodge Ray Evernham
Stewart, Tony 20 Home Depot Pontiac Joe Gibbs Racing
Sadler, Elliott 21 Ford Motorcraft Ford Wood Brothers
Burton, Ward 22 Catapiller Dodge Bill Davis Racing
Gordon, Jeff 24 Du Pont Chevy Hendrick Motorsports
Nadeau, Jerry 25 UAW Delphi Automotive Chevy Hendrick Motorsports
Spencer, Jimmy 26 K Mart Ford Travis Carter
Wallace, Kenny Race 1-16 27 C.S.Sauer-Dukes Mayonnaise Pontiac Eel River Racing
Bliss, Mike -Race 17 27 C.S.Sauer-Dukes Mayonnaise Pontiac Eel River Racing
Mast, Rick-Race 18 - 28 27 C.S.Sauer-Dukes Mayonnaise Pontiac Eel River Racing
TEAM SHUTDOWN-Race 29 27 C.S.Sauer-Dukes Mayonnaise Pontiac Eel River Racing
Rudd, Ricky 28 Texaco/Havoline Ford Robert Yates
Harvick, Kevin 29 GM Chevy Richard Childress
Green,Jeff 30 AOL Chevy Richard Childress
Skinner,Mike-Race 1 - 27 31 Lowe's Chevy Richard Childress
Gordon, Robby-Race 28 31 Lowe's Chevy Richard Childress
Craven, Ricky 32 Tide Ford Cal-Wells
Nemechek, Joe 33 Oakwood Homes Chevy Andy Petree Racing
Schrader, Ken 36 M & M Pontiac Thomas Beard
Marlin, Sterling 40 Coors Light Dodge Chip Ganassi Racing
Andretti, John 43 Cherrios Dodge Petty Enterprises
Jones, Buckshoot 44 Georgia Pacific Dodge Petty Enterprises
Petty, Kyle 45 Sprint Dodge Petty Enterprises
Mast, Rick 50 ?? Chevy MidWest Transit
Bickle, Rich 50 ?? Chevy MidWest Transit
Hamilton, Bobby 55 Square D Chevy Andy Petree Racing
Bodine, Todd 66 Big Kmart Ford Travis Carter
Marcis, Dave 71 Realtree Ford Helen Marcis
Pressley, Robert 77 Jasper Engines Ford Doug Bawel
Long, Carl 85 ?? Ford Mansion Motorsports
Jarrett, Dale 88 UPS Ford Robert Yates
Stricklin, Hut 90 Hills Brothers Coffee Ford Junie Donlavey
Compton, Stacy 92 Cartoon Network Dodge Melling Racing
Blaney, Dave 93 Amoco Dodge Bill Davis Racing
Houston, Andy 96 McDonalds Ford >Cal Wells
Busch, Kurt 97 Sharpie Ford Roush Racing
Burton, Jeff 99 Citgo Ford Roush Racing
Leffler, Jason 01 Cingular Wireless Dodge Chip Ganassi Racing
Newman, Ryan 02 Alltel Ford Penske Racing

2001 Rookies
Driver Car
Atwood, Casey 19
Busch, Kurt 97
Harvick, Kevin 29
Hornaday, Ron 14
Houston, Andy 96
Leffler, Jason 01

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