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Frame Saver Installation

This page shows the installation of A&A Corvette Specialties Frame Savers by Andy Green. The Frame Savers are tough nylon wheels that bolt on to the two front skid bars under the front bumper. The wheels stops the grinding scrapes on the skid bars when going in & out of steep driveways. The Frame savers mount to the inboard side of the skid rail. About 1 1/2" in front of that little drain hole will be fine. Drill a 5/16" hole horizontally right through the middle of the bar and mount it there. Welding of the Frame Savers is recommended but optional. I've had the Corvette only 4 weeks and have already scraped the front right skid bar in spite of trying to be very careful. My car was not even lowered!

The Frame Saver wheels are a MUST HAVE for any C5 owner that wants to protect their car, especially if it has been lowered! This is one of those items that GM should include as standard equipment. Andy is probably glad they didn't.

Andy Green did a great job! He was reliable, accurate and VERY careful with my new baby (Corvette). He also installed his Rocker Rail bars, Exhaust Mod, Vortex Rammer & Vortex Power Duct at the same time.

I'm just a new Corvette owner looking for the best mods for the best value. I have no affiliation with A&A Corvette Specialties. I'm just a satisfied customer. You can get more information about the Frame Savers at the A&A Corvette Specialties web page.

Click on the thumbnail to open the larger image.

You can see I've already scraped my right skid bar even with being careful!
Here you can see both skid bars have a hole drilled by Andy in preparation for bolting on the Frame Saver wheels.
Here is a close up of a installed wheel. Note Andy also welded the wheel bar after it was bolted on. The welding is not required for installation.
Here is a picture of both wheels installed. This angle kind of makes it look like the wheels hang down lower than they really do.
Here is another picture of the installed wheels. They are barely noticeable once they are installed and the car is back down on the ground, but they sure do protect the front skid bars!

If you have Questions on this product, contact Andy directly at:
A&A Corvette Performance
OXNARD, CA 93036
805-278-4107 or 888-VETTEPRO
805-278-4108 (FAX)

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